Dear Mistakes, 

Dear Mistakes, 

I have made decisions that I thought were the right thing to do.

Like everyone else, I have done things I’m not proud of.

I have hurt people’s feelings before.

Some of those decisions had cost me great friendships and people not trusting me.

As I’m getting older, I held onto those mistakes, and they have influenced how I go through life now.

There are moments where you have led me to something beautiful, but there are other times where you have led me to incredibly heartbreaking moments as well.

You have taught me that I’m human, you helped me realize that perfection does not matter, and you molded me into someone that is facing their past head on.

Life’s too short to be predictable, and that’s why it’s okay to mess up.

You’re still growing.

You are doing your best.

You have a whole lifetime to keep going and you’ll always be valued. 



-WAF member Keronhica, 2021

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