Find a fresh POV in a judgment-free, label-free space, led by young humans. We talk about a diverse range of topics: from suicidal thoughts and relief techniques to words of encouragement and gratitude, nothing is off-limits. You are 100% in control of your journey and surrounded with love by your peers.

  • Why join the FOM-Space?

    Joining the FOM community empowers youth and young adults with a high level of support and confidence to voice their truths aloud, and to seek and provide mental peer support in an inclusive and safe environment. In our FOM-Space, you can connect anonymously with others who can relate to how you’re feeling, and use various tools to understand those feelings better.

    Whether you’re struggling with feelings or need support for something specific, our community is always here to help – even if you’ve never felt comfortable talking about them before. Someone, somewhere will know how you’re feeling, and perhaps even have gone through it themselves. And they’d love to hear your story.

    No judgment. No stigma. This is where anyone can begin their journey towards better mental health.

  • What are FOM Support Groups?

    Our support groups are meetings held on our Discord 3 days a week (every Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday), for 15-90 minutes each, and consisting of 3-4 young humans who can relate to a topic by stories and experiences in a judgment-free safe space.

    Topics are chosen 100% by participants and can be chosen anonymously. Nothing is off-limits.

    We follow a structured model, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to be heard and to get what they need, and to ensure our members cultivate an environment where kindness and patience for all are mandatory.

    Support groups are free of cost to participants and 100% confidential.

    No specific medical therapy or treatment is endorsed.

  • What will I get out of a FOM support group?

    Our support groups give you the opportunity to open up about thoughts, feelings, and experiences you’ve been holding on to, and release a little air from your metaphorical balloon. The goal is to remind you that you are never alone, even when everything around you makes it look like you are.

    Each experience will be completely different and each group has its own unique vibe, so enter with an open mind and an open heart.

    If you don’t have prior experience with our support groups, we will be sure
    to find you the group that best fits you.

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