My Story isn't Over because:

My Story isn't Over because:

I have struggled with my mental health and thoughts of suicide over the years and have often thought about the end of my story.

However, my story isn’t over because I am still young, because I am a unique individual with unique contributions to this world, because I have created for myself purposes for being here, and because I have plans for the future.

I am a creative person who creates worlds, writes stories and poems, draws and paints, choreographs, composes and writes songs and comes up with countless ideas.

No one on this planet will create the exact same things that I do, so I have to be here to introduce them to the world.

I am also working to help other people with their mental health and to save lives.

I want to keep pursuing my goals such as learning languages and attaining a career in which I can apply my knowledge and skills and positively contribute to society.

I want to get closer to my potential, learn more and improve skills such as playing the piano and communicating effectively.

I want to see myself be a better person, someone who is more confident, is healthier, is more effective, manages her life better, and interacts with others more effectively.

I want to experience more in life such as traveling to New Zealand, having a lifelong romantic relationship, living alone, having a cat, and watching more sunsets.

I also want to be there for the people I love.

I have many reasons to live, and many things left to experience and accomplish in my life.


-Kiera WAF member, 2022

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