I want to start off by saying, you are valid. 

I understand your existence is to be felt, trust me I feel you.

Sometimes more than I desire to.

There are times where you change a little too frequently which confuses my thoughts.

So today I want to let you know I can't depend on you like I used to.

This isn't a break-up letter, it's just time to set boundaries.

There will be times where I am not going to allow myself to feel what you want me to.

It's not you, it's me.

I am ready to change my POV (Point of View), and I understand feeling deeply 24/7 could delay my journey or cause me to be stuck in the upside-down.

I appreciate the happy feelings you bring to the forefront, but those painful ones may take me out if I'm not careful.

I love feelings and I love me.

Thank you for holding it down, but I am taking control of my life now.



P.S it's not just you it's your bestie (thoughts) as well. They will be receiving their letter in these 30 days well. Thank you for all of the incredible things you allowed me to feel and experience. Without you, I wouldn't know what feels good or bad. I accept I will always be sensitive, but with a new POV, things will feel differently. That's all for now. Good night.


-Anon WAF member, 2020

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