How to process & channel your emotions/ feelings effectively?

How to process & channel your emotions/ feelings effectively?

What're 3 approaches you would’ve liked to see when learning how to process & channel your emotions/ feelings effectively?
LR's take:
  • I would have liked to have seen three approaches would have been an evaluation to figure out what exactly was going on with me vs. just labeling it depression and moving on.
  • I would have liked my school to have had a counselor available to us; I went to a charter school for middle and high school, which wasn’t a thing (at least for my school).
  • I would have liked to have known about other forms of therapy than talk therapy. I think if I had known about behavioral therapy and other medications earlier, my life would have been easier.


OB suggests:

  • I would have liked to see one approach for channeling my emotions to have them evaluated and scaled rather than simply calling it depression. This way, I could form a better plan on how to handle them.

  • My second option would be to have seminars or discussions with professionals about mental health so that the stigma would not be as bad.

  • A third approach would be a wider variety of therapy and resources to help me.


TW says:

  • 1. Having emotions explained. I say this because one can’t conquer what they don’t understand and when the depth of emotions/ the power of emotions/ feelings aren’t explained, one will cope/ do things in the most outrageous ways with no understanding of where it’s all coming from. And when one doesn’t know where their actions are coming from, they can’t nip their issues in the bud before they become more significant than the person itself.

  • 2. Therapy being more normalized and not looked down upon for additional assistance in life.

  • 3. Journaling as a way to express emotions being normalized as well. I mention journaling because I personally believe it gets a comical/ disingenuous reputation as diaries do, and no one takes it seriously and believes it’s silly. 


BJ gives us a piece of his mind:

  • Exercises I would have loved to learn when encountering my emotions on the daily are:

1. Breathing exercises that allow you to just relax and feel the energy in my body

2. Music Therapy; really just doing what I love (Musical Theatre) to do and allowing it to relieve me.

3. Boxing/Sports, I’ve never really been able to actually take part in it but I do feel like it feels good to let of some steam or just do at the end of a stressful day to let your body be active without so much of your mind. 


GTB brings this up:

  • I would have loved to have learned how to properly channel my anger when I was in therapy. There were times when I was younger where I had all of this rage and negative energy built up inside of me, and I was forced to go to therapy. However, I only gave the therapist what she wanted to hear, because I was upset that I was being forced to attend.

  • I would have loved to learn how to take an intense emotion, such as rage and anguish, and turn it into positive emotions.


KN's hot take:

  • I would have liked to see a way to identify or become more aware of my emotions other than just recommendations to practice introspection.

  • I would have liked to see more focus on restructuring thought patterns that lead to negative emotions. Advice to exercise, practice mindfulness, and self-disclose to others is common, but I don’t know if cognitive restructuring approaches such as challenging negative thoughts are as common.

  • I would have also liked to learn how to manage strong negative emotions either by reducing them or channeling them in an effective and constructive way. 


KD has a point here:

  • I would have liked to know how to discuss the bigger emotions in a way where it is not uncomfortable for others to understand.

  • Another approach is that I wish that there was a way to introduce journaling about your emotions.

  • I also wished that therapy wasn’t viewed as a stigma, especially speaking with the school guidance counselor as a child. 


CP's approach:

  • I would’ve loved to have had these kinds of things discussed while we were in school more often because then it would have been normalized and less of us would’ve been less ashamed to talk about.

  • Another thing was confidentiality, my school did offer some sort of counseling, but I have heard how they would call home after. There was a reason they came to you and not their family. This destroys our trust and soon discourages us to even talk about it at all.

  • And the last thing, I wish that there was a form of therapy where teenagers under the age of 18 did not require their parents' permission because it’s hard to really talk about your feelings knowing there will be more than you and another person knowing. 

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