Self-Less; Not Self-Ish

Self-Less; Not Self-Ish

When I think of living, I think of the world and how good the world can possibly be.

However, despite my optimism, I was never completely oblivious to the fact that too many unfortunate situations in this world do occur.

When many think of violence, minds wander off to hands-on abuse (domestic) ... but there are other ways violence can be executed in the nature of mental health as well... Mental Hospitals.

This is also where I’ve been before...

Fortunately, I’ve never had any bad experiences whenever I was there, but I have heard of others’ horrific experiences there and sometimes even seen such.

Though as previously stated, it wasn’t normally domestic in my opinion, or assault...

It was more of a mind-control attempt.

Like doctors prescribing unnecessary medication for patients when nine times out of ten, medication was either what probably drove them there, or it wasn’t an added medication they needed because they were already on a medication that works for them.

This was my situation at times, and I didn’t understand why doctors I’ve encountered always thought medication was the end all be all.

Yes, I’m here in a mental hospital, though it doesn’t mean my medication no longer works for me or that I need more medication!

Medication is supposed to help, but it is not supposed to fix everything. In the majority of cases, medication is an aid, not a cure and I feel as if doctors didn’t understand that...

Or possibly they do, but don’t bother to care.

This made me realize down the line, that for many in this world, it’s all about money.

It’s strictly a business for them and that kind of abuse can be just as worse as any other kind, and in my opinion, is head-to-head with violence period.

Destructing someone’s life for profit... is violence.

Maybe not the kind that society would like to acknowledge, however, it’s still violence.

Even regular hospitals/health organizations have the tendency to do the same thing, they so-called promote healthy living, but their promotion of ‘healthy living’ is the same thing as keeping people in hospitals or having to take medications for the remaining years of their lives.

And when confronted, most do not care, they want people to be sick and they want to keep them there for as long as they can, that is how money is made in their business.

I always like to inform myself and others that America is a business and for the most part, will always be in favor of profit before their citizens.

Though then again, what part of the world isn’t?

Money is needed of course, but over time it has poisoned our minds to behave in bizarre ways.

And all for what? A piece of paper?

It’s unfortunate, especially for those who suffer from mental illnesses because many will always think we’re extremely vulnerable even if we aren’t, and that makes us a target.

There are some genuine individuals in this world, and I say if you truly find them, keep them around... be selective with who you allow in your life and always do your own research.

It’ll take you far in life no matter the circumstance; I know it has for me.

I can go on and on regarding problems in this world, but if I did, that would contradict the purpose of my story...

Why am I living specifically?

To really give you my reasoning I'll have to say, my desire to fix or at the very least aid these problems I have previously stated, and more is the common denominator to my existence...

As a person who lives for herself as well, I can say it's logical to do so because you come into this world by yourself, and you leave by yourself.

Though all in all, if you're not doing for others...

What are you doing? ...


This is my story at this particular time in my life.


-WAF member Tasheona (She/Hers), 2020

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