Reminders of who I am here for..

Reminders of who I am here for..

I woke up every day of this week in a cycle of reminding myself how much I planned on getting done by now even if the whole world was thrown off their plans just like me.

My mind tries to always focus on my mistakes rather than my accomplishments. Every. Single. Day!

I feel as if the only way I can really remind myself how far I have come is to physically find pictures, materials, or objects that remind me of moments in my life that I was genuinely happy to be breathing, even if no one else understands!

I place them all over my house, from my bedstand, to my closet, the bathroom, and even my kitchen!

The point of all of this is to have consistent, physical reminders of who I am here for and who has impacted my life.


-WAF member ARIYANA, 2022

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