WAF understands the distressing times of this year.

WAF understands the distressing times of this year.

From Covid-19 to today’s fights for equality and justice, we're all struggling to return to some sense of normalcy.

For some, it's harder than for others.

Being alone during quarantine, for example, is a challenge for me.

I'm fueled by my interactions with people, and, without face-to-face communication, I often find myself wondering how I will endure the rest of this pandemic.

Like many others, I sometimes feel hopeless.

Despite this hopelessness, however, I believe we can all get through this crisis together and overcome our feelings of despair.

We'll ALL get through this together, and I'll do whatever it takes to ensure that will happen.

From increased social media presence to Zoom meetings, I vow to prevent as many as I can from feeling alone and hopeless. 

“We will take it 1 second at a time” - L.Finesse

I wanted to create an informal, safe, and judge-free section where anybody can feel free to share whatever they want to with us.

This blog section compiles everything, from poems to short stories, detailed narratives about your day, or a single statement of motivation. 

As a suicide survivor, I make it to my next second by knowing that I am helping someone else make it to their next minute.  

We LOVE YOU SO MUCH… The fact that I'm sitting here, writing, is a testament to that (I struggle to sit and read).

You are worth every second, and every minute I devote to arduously writing this newsletter.

At the same time, I plan to do so much more for you. 


-L. Finesse, 2020

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