Welcome to Finesse Our Minds

We are a youth-led suicide and self-harm mental health organization that believes in the power of peer support to deal with struggles in our daily lives.

Peer support means talking to others who understand what you're going through with no judgment.

Do you need peer support or know someone who needs it?

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Peer Support: We Get You, We Got You

Finding peer support can be hard AF. But we got you.

Our peer support space is hosted on our Discord where we provide a space for young humans worldwide to exist, connect, and thrive.

From venting about family troubles to celebrating your latest achievements, we're here to listen, support, and cheer you on.

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Want to help us out?

Our volunteers help us further our mission.

We're a diverse family, hailing from different walks of life, but one thing unites us: our unwavering support for each other.

If you are interested in helping out with anything at Finesse Our Minds as a volunteer - admin, video editing, peer support, web development, and more - we would love to have you!

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Support Our Work

Donate to Finesse Our Minds and support our mission to break stigma, unlock resources, and empower global mental well-being.


FOM-Space Blog: A Chill Space for Authentic Conversations

Written by mental health advocates and members of our community, our blog posts cover a wide range of topics, from mental health to personal development and struggles. We invite you to learn and grow with us, fostering empathy and understanding along the way.