Stigmatize Suicide;

Stigmatize Suicide;

Well, I don’t know if I personally experienced a suicide stigma; however, I have heard stigmas about suicide.

Since suicide is a serious topic, many people consider it bad to talk about or complicated to deal with sometimes.

I remember that during high school, they gave us a whole lesson about signs that people who would commit suicide would do and what we could do to help during a situation like that.

I personally felt that teaching people about suicide signs and ways to help was a great thing to do because it brings awareness to situations like that.

Sometimes I feel that people who try to commit suicide or have thought about it feel like something is wrong with them or assume that even thinking about doing it was wrong.

Since a lot of people stigmatize suicide, people who have thought of it or attempted suicide probably have a fear that they’ll be seen differently now or might be seen as someone who is mentally ill.

To be honest, it makes me feel upset that people can’t understand that it's sometimes ok to have negative thoughts; it doesn’t make you mentally ill or mean that something is wrong with you.

Also, people assume that people who seem to be fine don’t ever have days where they feel depressed, useless, worthless, and like a burden.

I feel like it's ok to have negative thoughts as long as you don't let them run your life.

I mean you can’t live with the light if you don’t have the dark sometimes, you know.


-Juliana WAF member, 2022

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