5 things that help me when I feel out of control:

5 things that help me when I feel out of control:

  1. Stay grateful, by being appreciative of the things I have or have already accomplished I can empower myself.
  2. Accept I cannot control the world, being honest and realistic with my goals allows me to prevent mental burnout.
  3. Focus on one thing I have control over, instead of doing 5 to 10 things at once, I can give myself a better opportunity to be successful with my goals.
  4. Being kind to myself and taking care of myself physically and mentally whether it is taking a shower, eating at proper hours, watching a movie, or simply just relaxing with my pets will improve my well-being and provide me more energy for whatever comes at life.
  5. Meditation, sometimes taking my mind off everything will refocus my day. Sometimes a short walk will do the trick, other days I'll have to write down my feelings in a journal, others I just draw them out, and many times I have reached out to God as well, even though I am not necessarily the most religious person in the world I always feel much better when I talk to Jehova.


-WAF Member Yari, 2021

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