🎙️ What are FOM-Talks & Workshops?

FOM-Talks and Workshops are authentic youth experiences
guided by L.Finesse and vibrant youth leaders from Dallas, New Jersey, and Kenya.

Our talks echo the chords of lived experiences, fostering genuine connections.

We invite schools, businesses, and events to join us in creating sanctuaries of understanding.

Key Mental Health Awareness Dates:

September 10th - World Suicide Prevention Day
October 10th - World Mental Health Day
November 20th - International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

How much does it cost to host an FOM Talk/Workshop Speaker?

FOM will work closely with you to help you create a memorable, educational, and inspiring experience for your audience that fits within your budget.

Fees vary by the speaker selected, format, nature of the event, number of presentations, travel required, and any additional programming requested. Most engagements cost between $1,500 and $6,000, although fees may vary based on travel, selected speaker, and other factors.

Already have an event planned?

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The painful truth is:

Every 40 seconds, a life is lost to suicide.

1 in 5 young adults have considered ending their life.

For those aged 15-29, suicide stands as the second leading cause of death worldwide.

By partnering with FOM’s Talks & Workshops, you're inviting a transformative journey into peer support, accessible both virtually and in person.

🌐 Your Investment in FOM: A Lifeline

By booking a FOM-Talk or Workshop, you help us keep our 24/7 global virtual peer support freely accessible for those in need and become part of our mission to break stigma and empower global mental well-being.

Meet Our Speakers:

L.Finesse, our Executive Director and Co-Founder, leads the charge with her powerful narratives. Supported by our passionate leaders in Dallas, New Jersey, and Kenya, we ensure a global reach with a local touch.


L.Finesse Humxn

As a young person, L.Finesse faced immense challenges in the mental health system, having been introduced to psychiatrists, medication, and therapists at a very young age. The traumatic experience of being institutionalized at 13 led her to develop coping strategies, including faking her way out and contemplating ending her life. After spending over 15 years as a patient and employee in the mental health system, she recognized the need for change, and in 2019, she made it her mission to ensure that young people across the globe know that they don't have to suffer alone, and that they have a voice. L.Finesse is passionate about positively impacting young people's lives and strives to provide them with the support and resources they need to thrive.

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Kiera N

Kiera is a university student in the Dallas, Texas area, soon to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. Like many FOM volunteers, she has personal experiences struggling with mental health and suicide and personally knows others who have struggled as well. Kiera is passionate about eliminating the stigma that makes the lives of those already struggling even harder, and wants to work with FOM to foster an atmosphere in which people feel safe to be vulnerable without being judged, and connected with those who “get it.”

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Ciiru (a.k.a. Vye) is a 23 yo Kenyan currently based in Nairobi, Kenya. Ciiru studies psychology and loves thinking in abstracts because “I think there is so much more to life than black and white. I thrive in the grays.” Working at FOM reminds her that there is no one-size fits all when it comes to people; “everybody has a story, a personality, and a voice that's heard and considered.”

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Nica grew up in Florida and now lives in New Jersey, where she was born. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Saint Leo University in April 2018, and is currently completing a Masters of Science in Psychology program with a specialization in child and adolescent development at Capella University. Nica hopes to base her career on making an impact on children’s mental health. Nica has experience with family issues, friendship conflicts, and the mental health journey, and would love to be there to listen, provide support, and make you laugh.

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"L.Finesse is a passionate and caring individual who can relate to others in a way that many wish they had the innate intuition to care for others. She has the ability to support and to show love for others which supports a confused troubled youth growing up in today's extremely difficult to navigate world were living in today. With so many distractions, between our kids dealing with the COVID shutdown, lack of peer interaction, falling behind in studies, and unsure of their purpose and place in our world, I believe we need more of this brought to the surface by the assistance of other L.Finesse Humxn's out there!"

-Brad Ellish

President, JME Document Solutions, Inc.