Dear Darkness, 

Dear Darkness, 

There are so many damn levels to you and I'm tired. 

- I'm tired of being trapped in the upside-down.

- I'm tired of being scared of you, and you taking over my mind so much that I feel it all over my body.

- I'm tired of running from you. 

- I'm tired of being bullied by you.

- I'm not choosing suicide this time, but I am going to fight like hell that you wished you would have won.

- I'm no longer scared of you, darkness. 

- I may have weak moments and I may even feel like giving up most times, but guess what? I'm not. 

- I may not see my light 💡 crystal clear yet, but someone else sees my light and that is enough for me to fight to see what they see.

- So I say to you F you darkness, because you are not strong at all.

- You only want me dead because you are afraid of my light and the millions of young humans I will help.


-Anon WAF member, 2021

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