Dear Suicide,

Dear Suicide,

You did not win.

You did not take me, and I will not let you in the future.

I will work to keep you at bay.

And I know it will be a lifetime of work, though some days will be easier than others.

Having met you and having defeated you I feel I am stronger.

I feel that I can take on anything and win.

While I may still think of you as an option from time to time, I will not meet you again.

I am strong, worthy, and deserving of love and of good things.

I will press on and I will make it.

There is so much to live for, so much I still want to see, letting you win would rob me of that.

I will not let that happen; I will win.

I am strong enough to face this world.

I met you once, so I know what you look like and how to keep from meeting you again.

I have the power; you do not control me.

I can do this, and I will.

I chose to keep living, even when it’s hard.

I chose to press on, and I will have a wonderful life. 


- WAF member Lauren, 2021

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