You are an extremely powerful word.

Sometimes I can get super excited for your arrival.

Other times I can get a little anxious or depressed. 

When you suck! You really stuck.

When you're dope asf. It's a dope asf.

I want to tell you thank you.

Because of you I am able to see that I Matter.

Because of you I am able to see life differently.

I have accepted you will happen no matter what. 

And I also accepted that without you I will never grow.

I wish I knew how to handle you better, because it would save me so much time and sadness if I could adapt better to my process.

We have a long road ahead and I'm all in to see through to my purpose.

When you step in into my mind, my life also experiences you.

When you step into my POV, you also effect my experiences.


-Anon WAF member, 2022

Change: verb

  1. make (someone or something) different; alter or modify.
  2. replace (something) with something else, especially something of the same kind that is newer or better; substitute one thing for (another).


  1. the act or instance of making or becoming different
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